The Various Issues That You May Not Have Thought Of That Comes With Hoarding

Jul 31, 2022

Hoarding isn’t just a trait that someone has. It is an actual illness and can have many short and long term health effects. These people who have the compulsive need to stockpile these belongings can lead to various issues in the home.

One issue you may not have thought of is plumbing issues. It is actually very common for homes that are hoarded to lead to plumbing issues. That’s because items that don’t belong in the toilet probably will end up there and perhaps down the drain which could lead to an even bigger problem such as clogs and sewer backups.

Another indirect issue that may come from hoarding is building safety issues. If there is a ton of junk throughout the home, it may make it impossible for techs and other service people to navigate through the home to fix issues such as air conditioners and plumbing which can then lead to leaks that lead to mold and other hazardous issues within the home.

Hoarding doesn’t have to be a permanent issue and there are plenty of places that can provide help with this illness. One place you can start with this though is the dumping process.

By utilizing a service like Jerry’s Dumpsters, your home can start to become decluttered and become more functional and safer.

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